You may be missing out!!!

Have you seen my Instagram account yet? Well you should, because I post a bunch of stuff I don't post anywhere else. Check it out and follow!

p.s. Yes, that is Heisenberg… lower right.

15 thoughts on “You may be missing out!!!

  1. Dominic Phillips

    Have to say, whenever someone mentions or we're watching something about bodypainting,  "omg there's this guy, Paul R, on G+.  You need to go check it out." is now my auto response.  Consistently awesome stuff.

  2. Cheryl Saavedra

    ahhh.. ty +Elaine Torres that is why it's ignoring my request to follow Paul.. I'vealent seen his video's on youtube, and had the pleasure to meet him in person during a nychirl in aug 2012.. He is an amazing artist. I have a sketch he did of me before a concert we attended. I am in awe of his t