World Body Paint Festival

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and girls! Bare Witness to the Greatest Virtual Show on Earth!

See it all from the safe comfort of your own home! Hear the sad tale of the Black Mamba and dodge Murderous Hornets!

Test your strength against the Invisible Pathogen! Beware the Virus Stealing Monkeys!

Are your pale hands dirtied by systematic oppression? 20 seconds of WHO soap will wash them right clean!

Marvel at the Eccentric acts of the Tiger King and the relentless antics of the incomparable Clown Trump!

Come one, Come All! Behold the 2020 social media circus, the baddest trip of all time!
Be among the first 100 guests and receive one priceless roll of toilet paper!

The theme was “Psychedelic Circus” so I painted highlights from this year’s social media circus which has proven to be a real bad trip!

Painted on Shadia Elise for the World Body Paint Festival 2020 Covid Edition Airbrush Category

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