Vintage TV Wall

On February 3rd, This TV Wall was an installation at the ‘Blast from the Past’ 80s body art show by body painter Paul Roustan in Hermosa Beach, CA. The footage on the screens is what was displayed the entire evening. They feature a collection of a variety of the work by Roustan.

It took me 3 months to collect these TVs off of street curbs. I actually acquired 12 of them, but 3 of them had issues, so I was left with these 9.

Click to see the series from the photoshoot.

models featured:
Sylva Hattington, Morgan S, Sawyer Croft, Shadia Elise, Nubia Bowe, Patrick Pindiur, Kimberly W, Coyote Kate, Kyara Tyler, Ulorin Vex, Megan Tamás, Sarula, Rebecca RS

Cicada 3301 by CO.AG
I Am Blessed by CO.AG
Elise Will Take You and Show You No Mercy by CO.AG

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