To answer a recurring question, yes I paint men too

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11 thoughts on “To answer a recurring question, yes I paint men too

  1. Steve Berry

    Paul, I personally have no thought about you having sexual bias on your painted subjects, you are working in a medium that's human skin. male or female. – I wouldnt even think it was erotic if you painted a male penis in the same way you look at the structure of a human arm – the canvas is, nothing more than canvas.

  2. Carolyn Curtis

    and anyway, YOU are the artist. I do not let others tell me what materials to use as it were. I use what is acceptable to get my vision across. 
    Or to quote Cartman – I do what I want.

  3. Matt Lorence

    Heh… dangley bits.

    Excellent work, as usual.

    Whats the process for getting the paint back off? I saw a shot in one of your videos of a girl in a pool, so I'm guessing it doesnt just rinse away like nothing..