The Skull Dove

Can chaos exist without order?

11 thoughts on “The Skull Dove

  1. Paul Roustan

    Thanks +Tim Clary Glad you got one. I just produced 18 screenprinted ones, which are cool, but not as cool as the airbrushed ones. I just don't want to do all that work again 🙂 So, those are definitely a rarity. keep it safe 😉

    Send me a pic of you in yours sometime.

  2. Paul Roustan

    I whole heartily believe if you want to sell shirts, you have to make something that people WANT to rock because it looks cool and is beyond comfortable. People are too cheap when it comes to the brand of a shirt.

    I'm just too lazy to paint them all myself. HA!

  3. Tim Clary

    Yeah, it is super comfortable, you used a great shirt. I do worry about washing it, but I haven’t noticed any fading in the paint yet…should I do anything special to preserve the art?

    And yeah, I keep meaning to get a good shot of it…next time I’m around one of our photog pals i'll have to be sure to wear it.

    Speaking of which, I’m thinking of going to NYC at the end of Oct., you gonna be around?

  4. Paul Roustan

    Wash it inside out in cold water is best. But, I heat pressed it, so it should last a while. It will fade a little over time, especially if your washer is a good one.

    Was just in NYC last weekend. Likely won't be there end of october. Really busy then.