REAL moments

I've been extremely drawn to captured moments that are real and not posed. Even though they tend to be received less well than some of my posed shots, I think they are stronger images overall. 

What do you think? Which do you prefer? this image or the last one I posted?

11 thoughts on “REAL moments

  1. Stuart Duff

    I'm always a fan of spontaneous shots.  Whenever I'm doing a set I actively try and catch the models I'm working with off guard with a few shots to try and capture something more natural and fun.

    As for this, awesome.

  2. Paul Roustan

    When a person being photographed is unaware of the camera, or forgets for a moment that it is there, and they all of a sudden reveal a genuine moment of who they are. Posing is often a character mask, candids are real.

  3. Paul Ramsay

    So posed shots are about composing an image, which has a certain value, while capturing a "real" moment is more about being a good observer, which also has its own value.  One is not better than the other, but they offer quite different experiences 🙂

  4. Antonio Borunda

    from far away this one looks like the frame is being held up by the male model's chest … which I knew was not the case.

    I prefer spontaneous shots more often not.  But I think I like this one over the other shot by just a tiny hair (of a bald eagle).

  5. Paul Ramsay

    You know, +Paul Roustan, here's something to think about:  your own knowledge of whether it's posed or not affects how you experience your own art in a way that it probably doesn't affect us.  When I first saw this photo, I thought it was posed, so it has no different effect on me than the other one, in that regard.