PURITY the first Body Paint Hologram

So only a mere 3 months after starting my successful Kickstarter Campaign http://kck.st/SBJci3

I have officially completed my project.

In this video you will see a time lapse of the body painting on +Sylva Scar Hattington, some photography, and footage from the process and holograms as well.

I know it's still confusing as this is a thing that needs to be seen in person. But the video will just have to do until I manage to get the hologram displayed at a gallery in your area… which is my next big effort! 🙂


Scar PURITY Body Paint Pulse Hologram by Roustan Bodypaint

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30 thoughts on “PURITY the first Body Paint Hologram

  1. Philip Lewis

    love the "subliminal messages" in the video… lol… nice work. I was surprised not to see her back painted… i mean , if you turn the photo over, you're just going to see her everyday ink.

  2. Bruce Goren

    Very cool. Scar's subtle moves during the posing made me think you were going to do a short animated hologram – have you seen these? The film is bent into a cylinder and either rotated, rocked back and forth or viewed by walking around it 360. Some nice examples of this were on display at the Museum of Holography in Los Angeles many years ago.

  3. Cheryl Wilson

    Most awesome Paul. I am blown away. No words can really describe your talent. Maybe you can get endorsed by somebody to get that equipment for yourself instead of renting or using someone else's. 

    Surely they could see their investment would be returned 10 fold with your talent!! If I had it, I wouldn't hesitate!!

  4. Paul Roustan

    +Tom Rolfson just the cost of the hologram and an MR-12 or standard LED bulb. It would also need to be framed, and set up a track light or another means to position the light bulb.

    The same as hanging a painting really.

  5. Paul Roustan

    +Bruce Goren yes, those are stereogram holograms. Those can be done far more easily than this one I made. I've already made several stereograms of my own in the past.

    In person, these pulse holograms are FAR more impressive than a stereogram. This is mainly due to the high quality detail, and the fact that it is life-size and real. A stereogram is actually an illusion of 3D taking 2D holographic images and displaying them sequentially so that one eye sees one at a time. This is very similar to the process of making a lenticular.

  6. Paul Roustan

    +Cheryl Wilson I wish. The laser alone is worth at least $250K, the rest of the laboratory puts it at over a million. Each master negative costs a minimum of $400 to produce. As expected, +Sylva Scar Hattington rocked it in one shot. That was the test shot, then we did an official master, and she nailed it on the first try 🙂

  7. Al Ebnereza

    Very cool man. But yes, next stage: BTS  at the Lab. I've never seen actual holography gear, and am very curious about the plate, what it's made of, and how you position it.

  8. Paul Roustan

    +Al Ebnereza the plate is glass with emulsion applied to it. you can also purchase this as a clear film applied in the same way. Holography gear consists of a laser and optics, and in labs with lower quality lasers, stabilization tables are a must.

    The lab is basically a giant camera, and you work inside of it, positioning the mirrors, spreading the light, and directing it towards both the object and the plate.

    In a regular camera, the light enters, hits a mirror, and exposes the film in the same way.