Bright Side of the Moon

(Excerpt from Easy Reader Article)

by: Mark McDermott

Artist Paul Roustan has recreated the famous Pink Floyd album cover body painting, but with a South Bay twist. All six of his models, and the art he drew on them over the course of five hours on a recent afternoon, are native to the South Bay, Los Angeles.

Roustan, an artist and photographer who is regarded as among the premier body painters in the world, completed an idea he’d had in the works for a long time last weekend, photographing his models both underneath the Hermosa Beach pier and on the Strand Wall. He titled the work, “Bright Side of the Moon”. Each served as a living canvas for six different aspects of South Bay culture: Morgan Sliff (surfing), Sawyer Croft (rollerskating and skateboarding), Amber Jones (punk rock), Caitlyn Deering (Hermosa Beach and volleyball), Suzi Paine (the Redondo Beach pier), and Kristen Best (the El Segundo stacks).

Roustan’s artist’s statement said the work is a combination of both his life’s work and the place he has come to adore, the South Bay. He’s a native of Chicago.

“I’m a body painter,” Roustan wrote. “That is, I paint on people and photograph them. I’m also a Redondo Beach resident, and am infatuated with the history and culture of the South Bay. The surf, punk, and skate scene, as well as some of the iconic landmarks of the area have engrained themselves in my mind since moving here. The visual popped in my head a year and a half ago to combine these elements and pay homage to the famous Pink Floyd albums body paint image, instead with South Bay flair. It felt like just the right type of art to give back to the beach cities. And I’m overjoyed to have included these six native models to give the artwork local authenticity.”