Oh well

… I wish I could say it was good while it lasted. 

Thanks for nothing, +Mark Zuckerberg 


45 thoughts on “Oh well

  1. Stuart Duff

    That's pretty lame and a major reason why I'll never use the platform again for anything not even a token presence for my Photography work.

    Bunch of ass.

  2. Paul Roustan

    +Robert Rowe hopefully not, because I actually like instagram. But one of my body paint buds was removed from there too. So it's probably only a matter of time.

    +Bobbi Jo Woods I've been warned many times, and I've made proper adjustments censoring my images. But I've even had many images flagged that had no nudity. Of course their review process is non existent. So there was nothing I can do really besides not have an account to begin with.

  3. Aaron Wood

    It's not just Facebook. People have had many images taken down and accounts suspended here on G+. Usually because people reported them. Sometimes for no reasons.

    This really does suck though, +Paul Roustan.

  4. Alex Wilson

    Surprised it lasted this long. To me, FB has always seemed heavy handed. But that me just be me. At any rate, I am happy that you will have more time to spoil us here.

  5. Bruce Goren

    "Unpublished" — is that even correct usage? I'd think "De-published" , "Blocked", "Banned", "Censored" or simply "Removed From Public View" would be better grammar and more accurate. On the Internet, nothing can be truly "Unpublished", you can not un-ring the bell as they say in legal circles, once it's out there, it's always somewhere.

  6. Paul Roustan

    I hear ya, +Aaron Wood. But at least the g+ appeal process can work here.

    It stinks when I have an image that gets flagged but actually abides by the terms and there's nothing I can do about it.

    I've been wanting to drop Facebook anyway for a while since the visibility continues to diminish unless you 'boost' your posts.

    I just managed to continue to generate a lot of traffic to my website posting a censored image with a link to the uncensored versions.

    It's so strange how Facebook chooses to drive away businesses.

  7. Mario Pacchiarotti

    You all blame Facebook (and I don't love them too), but this isn't a FB fail, this is USA culture fail.
    A culture where an exposed nipple is banned, and a full nude with dutch tape in the correct places is fine. Blame yourself

  8. Adrian Smith

    Mario, I agreed with you until you said "blame yourself". Way to generalize. You do get that not everyone in a given country has the same culture and views, right?

  9. Paul Roustan

    +Eric Rice No doubt! Preaching to the choir on that one. My website has always been my #1 priority. Been fixing all my networks all day removing facebook page links and crap. And just finished setting my facebook profile to direct all traffic directly to my website 🙂

    Just have to wait to be removed from my facebook ban to finalize some facebook dealies…

    I wish I could change my fb profile url to my now defunct fb page url.

  10. Mario Pacchiarotti

    +Adrian Smith no, obviously not all the people have same ideas. What I mean is you should fight against this kind of mentality. When a major provider like FB acts like that, you can bet they think an overwhelming majority of its customers share that position.

  11. Matthias Urlichs

    +Mario Pacchiarotti Majority, no. Overwhelming, unfortunately yes. There are a whole lot of bigoted narrow-minded but well-organized people out there who can really make your life hell if you don't abide by their rules. The "moral majority" is neither, but FB still panders to them.

    You're using facebook? You're part of the problem. Tell them your policy is ugly and targets the wrong mindset, and quit using them.

  12. Jenny Marquis

    Fed up of fb banning and blocking amazing art they are hypocrites giving air to idiots who post violence and cruelty and banning amazing art with no means of the artist having any recourse or opportunity to discuss the reason why they were banned/blocked