New 3rd Gen Skull Dove Shirts and Bitcoin Cart

Here's another Skull Dove sighting with lovely mama, Roxanne!

Also, the new line of skull dove shirts are in stock!
Very limited quantities again. They'll likely move quick, so hop on over.

Also I set up all my physical webstore products to accept #bitcoin , for you digital wallet addicts out there. (working on getting my digital downloads set up)

Come with uncle and hear all proper! Hear angel trumpets and devil trombones. You ARE invited. ~Alex DeLarge

2 thoughts on “New 3rd Gen Skull Dove Shirts and Bitcoin Cart

  1. Matt Lorence

    A good way to draw attention to the shirt is to not wear any pants, so there's no confusion regarding which article of clothing the discussion is focused on.

    Oh wait, I see you've already taken care of that.