For the Fishies

Did you know that cooling towers are safe? They merely cool down water, and the smoke that is emitted is basically a clean man-made cloud.

The problem is not in the cooling towers, but in the source of energy production, in this case, the coal plant (not visible) that causes toxicity in the environment.

18 thoughts on “For the Fishies

  1. mike quinn

    Well, generally safe as long as treated to not allow the growth of Legionella which can cause an outbreak of Legionnaires disease in the immediate vicinity.

  2. Matt Lorence

    Gotta watch those Tritium leaks in the Nuke plants too (sorry, VT Yankee)…

    Was looking for Blinky, the three eyed fish from The Simpsons somewhere on her…

  3. Kent Morrison

    Beautiful paint, girl, and photo !

    Older coal plants did have some real dirty problems.
    Modern slurry type coal fired plants used a reactant that reduces sulphur production, and have "bag houses" that clean the exhaust plumes, and co-generation systems that recover most of the heat.
    Modern coal fired plants are within 18% of the cleanliness and efficiency of gas fired plants.
    Not perfect, but much cleaner and more efficient than in the past.

  4. Peter Coffey

    There has never been an incidence of legionellosis associated with a hyperbolic cooling tower.  Mostly because they use "once through" and thus don't concentrate water up.  Or perhaps because they discharge very high up.  They're ultra efficient and environmentally friendly because the wind up high drags water and air up, sorta like when you blow on a bottle top.

  5. Peter Coffey

    Yeah, those were not hyperbolic cooling towers, they were more big metal boxes on top of a building.  Also, I haven't heard about Glasgow.  Are you sure that was LD?