Did you know?

Women in New York have the right to go topless anywhere a man can, so long as they're not engaged in commerce.

15 thoughts on “Did you know?

  1. matthew rappaport

    I live here and had no clue.. it always made sense but female breasts are sexual and men stare at them regardless of clothes on or off, maybe this would change that some as in becoming desensitized to them .. many decades down the road if it was commonplace?!

  2. Al Ebnereza

    Addendum to that rule is: As long as they stay away from a Matthew Rappaport as identified in paragraph 32, item 5c, in the city ordinance documentation. ;P

  3. Ryan Voss

    I see no problem with the equality. I do not feel comfortable without a shirt so I always wear one … That is my choice! There are guys running around with theirs off every day and they go basically unnoticed because it is culturally accepted … With any luck women can experience the same freedom of choice and our culture will adapt in a positive manner