When Cosplay and Body Paint Collide

Back to the Future

Wonder Woman

model: Shadia Elise

Aeon Flux, Trevor Goodchild and RU 486 at Anime Boston 2014

Aeon Flux, Trevor Goodchild, and RU 486 at Anime Boston 2014

The Predator

Bio-Mechanical Iron Maiden

Iron Man Body Painting

Cortana from Halo 4

bodypainting HaloHalo bodypainting

Halo Master Chief hanging with Mystique and Captain America

Halo Body Paintmystique

Photos by Zygore & Darkwell Studios


cosplay bodypainting

Zombie Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman bodypaint

My Little Pony Transformer

Body Painting Cosplay


Cuddle Team Leader


Captain Marvel

Boba Fett

Dark Phoenix


Back in 2007, I painted my first Star Wars body painting.

She was painted as a Stormtrooper.

The model showed up with a friend who generously agreed to join in the fun getting painted as our lovable friend, Chewie.

I think you’d agree, that took it to the next level.

Star Wars bodypainting

In 2009, a family friend and Star Wars super fan had asked me to transform his wife’s baby bump into the iconic Death Star.

Star Wars Body Belly Paint Baby Bump

Three years later, the saga continued when R2-D2 magically came to life for her second pregnancy.

Star Wars Droid body painting

That same year, I rendered a Mandalorian Dominatrix and her trusty “Slave” 1 for a hefty bounty at a local Boston Halloween Contest.

Star Wars bodypainting

Star Wars Body Painting

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