Casualty of Time

So after a long day of driving, breaks, mingling, and an event opening, by the time we were able to do the photo shoot, Most of the paint had deteriorated.

Nevertheless, we wanted to get some shots of it. At least the pic still came out cool.

11 thoughts on “Casualty of Time

  1. Wade Watson

    This reminds me of the old age that all art is temporary (though some much more than others). It helps if you think of art as an experience first and a creation second, I suppose.

  2. Audrey Biernacki

    …or is this the new paradigm for scholarly learning?  A scholar, by old concept was typically male, cloistered in a library or study, oblivious to the outside world except through the filter of print, nose in a book, heavy clothing obscuring anatomy.  Here is the shifting time frozen for a moment, our new scholar is outside the halls of learning as she engages the world and makes eye contact with the camera and viewer; her gaze and pose display an awareness of surroundings and self. The crackling paint peeling disrupts concealing clothing shapes to emphasize female anatomy revealed which could be interpreted as a reflection of the increasing numbers of women in higher education.