Break the Mold

Contrary to popular belief, I have tremendous respect for women. Raised primarily by my mother and sister, and now surrounded by my wife and two daughters, I always find myself relating better to women.

While I'm often praised for being around 'naked chicks', it's really not as big a deal as you might think. With no sexualized motivations, the nude figure is just that, a natural part of everyone. Many people seem to overlook that I paint men too.

Still, nothing changes my opinion that Girls rule, and boys drool. After all, men will never be capable of doing everything a woman can.

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4 thoughts on “Break the Mold

  1. Todd Selby

    I have never seen any of your work that was in the least bit disrespectful to women. I can't understand how anyone can make that argument. Your art and the models poses never emphasize the fact the model is nude. In fact it is so good you can't tell they are nude.

  2. Lerato Majikfaerie

    Your art speaks for itself.
    Anyone small minded enough to think it's about hanging around naked chicks clearly has never spent time with naked people out of a sexual context.
    It's just a body – everyone's got one.