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Here is a photograph of the body painting I used in a body paint hologram I made, funded by kickstarter

Since the hologram is monochromatic, and required the most reflective value, I went with a predominantly white body painting. I have to say, I'm really into the effect of a mostly white body painting.

See the entire painting timelapse, and some footage of the holography process here:

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PURITY the first Body Paint Hologram

So only a mere 3 months after starting my successful Kickstarter Campaign

I have officially completed my project.

In this video you will see a time lapse of the body painting on +Sylva Scar Hattington, some photography, and footage from the process and holograms as well.

I know it's still confusing as this is a thing that needs to be seen in person. But the video will just have to do until I manage to get the hologram displayed at a gallery in your area… which is my next big effort! 🙂 

Scar PURITY Body Paint Pulse Hologram by Roustan Bodypaint

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Making my Hologram Today

So, unless you've been living under a rock, you probably know about my successful kickstarter campaign I completed last month.

I raised enough money to create the first High Quality Body Paint Hologram.

Well, finally, as of last night, I'm in Seattle to realize the project.

Here's a teaser shot of +Sylva Scar Hattington's Headpiece she made for the body painting.

Many more updates to come throughout the day, possibly a live hangout as well. 

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