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Patti Astor Shows

Flashback to 80s NYC! Beats and colors pulsed from a curious art gallery showcasing yet to be big artists like Jean Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Kenny Scharf.

Legendary graffiti writers Fab Five Freddy, Dondi, Lee Quinones, and Futura 2000 left their marks at this hangout space for graffiti, hip hop, break dancers, and artists of all sorts. The heart of the East Village pumped with exploration, integrity, and just straight up fun! It was pure and the world wanted a piece of it.
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Shiver My Bones

On January 20, 2018, The Hollow legs (formerly the Kira Lingman Band) premiered their new song, “Shiver My Bones” at Studio 637 in Hermosa Beach, CA.

During the Resin Gallery “Water & Wood” show, artist Paul Roustan collaborated with the band to create a unique experience for patrons of the studio.

The crowd had no idea what to expect as they sat and watched the artwork literally come to life.

The first 200 people can download the mp3 for FREE.
Click “Buy Digital Track” Here and enter “0” at name your price checkout.

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