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3 Reasons why Facebook is ‘No Bueno’ for Provocative Artists.

3 Reasons why Facebook is No Good for Provocative Artists
by Paul Roustan – January 10, 2014

My entire life I was late to the party. This rang true when I finally joined Facebook back in early 2011.

After finishing my first DVD, I realized,

“Hey! I just made this product from scratch, there is no reason I can’t learn to market it!”

So during my days at home wrangling my duties as daddy day care, I began relentlessly educating myself on the many ways to market my work.

This, no doubt, is when I discovered the value of social marketing. The thought crossed my mind,

“Boy, I really should have joined Facebook three years ago. But, I suppose it’s better late than never.”

At the same time, I learned of Google’s brand new stab at Social, Google+. What perfect timing for me to also dive into this new space before it barely even begun.


I sit permanently blocked from Facebook, yet high in following and engagement at Google+.
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Making History in an On Air Hangout

That's what we did back in April 2012 connecting a big body paint gallery event in Philadelphia with a live event in Las Vegas, and Live music from San Francisco, all in one hangout.

featuring +Nix Herrera from Syfy's Face Off and Naked Vegas

and +Skin City Body Painting soon to be featured in GSN's Skin Wars

and a whole assortment of Champion Body Painters!

with music by +Lucas Johnson  and +Rob Michael!

#bodypainting   #Skinwars   #Faceoff   #nakedvegas