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3 Reasons why Facebook is ‘No Bueno’ for Provocative Artists.

3 Reasons why Facebook is No Good for Provocative Artists
by Paul Roustan – January 10, 2014

My entire life I was late to the party. This rang true when I finally joined Facebook back in early 2011.

After finishing my first DVD, I realized,

“Hey! I just made this product from scratch, there is no reason I can’t learn to market it!”

So during my days at home wrangling my duties as daddy day care, I began relentlessly educating myself on the many ways to market my work.

This, no doubt, is when I discovered the value of social marketing. The thought crossed my mind,

“Boy, I really should have joined Facebook three years ago. But, I suppose it’s better late than never.”

At the same time, I learned of Google’s brand new stab at Social, Google+. What perfect timing for me to also dive into this new space before it barely even begun.


I sit permanently blocked from Facebook, yet high in following and engagement at Google+.
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Making History in an On Air Hangout

That's what we did back in April 2012 connecting a big body paint gallery event in Philadelphia with a live event in Las Vegas, and Live music from San Francisco, all in one hangout.

featuring +Nix Herrera from Syfy's Face Off and Naked Vegas

and +Skin City Body Painting soon to be featured in GSN's Skin Wars

and a whole assortment of Champion Body Painters!

with music by +Lucas Johnson  and +Rob Michael!

#bodypainting   #Skinwars   #Faceoff   #nakedvegas   

New York, Las Vegas, Philadelphia!

You can now see my Body Paint hologram like it was meant to be seen… in person!

New York

The hologram is now honorably part of the distinguished collection of work at the Center for Holographic Arts.

Go see it alongside some of the most profound holograms in history any Saturday and during all special event openings.

more details here:

Las Vegas

+Skin City Body Painting's  Grand Re-Opening Party! This coming Friday, January 3, 2014 at 1800 Industrial Road (rear north) 89102 from 7pm-midnight. 

There will be over 25 artists featured, including my very own hologram (which will remain there for months to come)

It's an event not to be missed. So check it out if you're in the area.

more details here:


And as always, the hologram is viewable as a permanent part of the premier collection of work at the wildly successful +Gallery ML 

Each of their first friday events are unforgettable nights out! So if you are looking for something to do… the next opening is January 10th. Don't miss it!

more details here: