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War Shark

If I had a zombie apocalypse or aggressive alien attack team,
Kelly Wiglesworth would be my lieutenant Ripley (Sigourney) because she is just the baddest warrior woman that ever did live.

Which is why when she said she wanted to be a shark, I had to make her into this one of a kind war shark.
The only thing tougher than a shark is a machine gun wielding war shark. You better watch yo back!

music: “Microphone City” by Cullah (CC BY-SA 4.0)
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San Diego Comic Con 2018

Traditionally, I bring well known characters to San Diego Comic Con because fans love seeing something familiar. But for some reason I couldn’t resist taking a stab at showing my Sparkle Shark.

The reactions were priceless! Everyone LOVED model, Shadia Elise. I heard quite a few unlikely quotes like, “I don’t know who she’s supposed to be, but I love her!” and “Oh, I love that she’s original!”

She could barely walk two feet without being stopped for photos. (would love to find some of those if anyone sees em please tag me)

The highlight of the day was when we decided to crash the Discovery Channel Shark Week booth. As soon as I brought her around, they asked her on stage and she took part in a Telemundo Live broadcast. And what perfect timing for shark week!

Airbrush used Badger Airbrush Omni 3000

Airbrush makeup used EBA Performance VIBE Makeup

Music: Birthday Cake by Jahzzar (CC BY SA 3.0)

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