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Vex Headroom

How many of you guys remember Max Headroom?
This vid which I entitled Vex Headroom was certainly inspired by him for my 80’s show. It seemed like only 50% of people knew who he was.

This was fun! I painted Ulorin Vex’s face and shoulders and stood her in front of my living room TV set which was displaying all these crazy colors that I made on my smart phone. I quickly made a copy edit on final cut. Then I painted the rest of her while I encoded this footage on DVD.

It was to be playing on my TV wall while she stood in front of it during the final photoshoot.

She is a futuristic operating system that helps users with pretty much any of the little things so they don’t have to do much at all.

model: Ulorin Vex

music: “The Machine Room” by The Industrialism Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0)

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Blast From the Past

On February 3rd, 2018 there was
“Blast from the Past”
a nostalgic 80’s body art show by Paul Roustan featuring live body art, large format photography, video, installations, live music by
The Kira Lingman Band
at Resin Gallery in Hermosa Beach, California.

The Back to the Future DeLorean was onsite for all guests to sit in and take pictures with!

Beer was provided by
Nica Craft Beer

photos by Patrick Pindiur

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