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Album Cover

Thrilled to be a part of the cover for the debut album of BUDDERSIDE , to be released via Motörhead Music on July 29th!

It was a body paint and photography team effort replicating the illustration of Dyllism • Photographer: Rich Wysockey • model: Natasha Galkina • Creator/Producer: Ptrix23


Break the Mold

Contrary to popular belief, I have tremendous respect for women. Raised primarily by my mother and sister, and now surrounded by my wife and two daughters, I always find myself relating better to women.

While I'm often praised for being around 'naked chicks', it's really not as big a deal as you might think. With no sexualized motivations, the nude figure is just that, a natural part of everyone. Many people seem to overlook that I paint men too.

Still, nothing changes my opinion that Girls rule, and boys drool. After all, men will never be capable of doing everything a woman can.