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The verdict is in!

With over 500 copies sold, people have only been saying great things about my book!

It’s quite extraordinary!

It is the most talked about book on my coffee table.

I love this book! Big solid good looking book on the outside and even better on the inside.

This book is substantial, overflowing with gorgeous images.

This year's must have art book!

I didn't really expect to receive such a big book so packed with amazing & inspiring images. The quality is stunning.

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The body paint industry mourns the loss of probably the most painted man in history. He collected almost every body painter I know, and transformed our work like no other.

I was able to paint him twice. I've never spent more time painting one torso.

He was a BIG man, with a HUGE heart, but just a body too small for his soul.

You will be missed…


Beach Bum Booty Paintings

I decided to camouflage these three gals against the ocean. The first model, Taujma Hall, was painted against two of my ocean renderings. And the next two gals, Kristen Lee and Nevaeh Lleh, were photographed on location in Malibu and El Segundo, California.

I also had a little extra fun painting two more abstracts against the splash of the wave.

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Featured in Asymmetric Magazine


— Asymmetric Magazine
California Dreaming

By Paul Roustan

You take my breath, afloat in your grace.
Restless when you call, my spirit eager to escape.
Sun rays bounce, sparkling ripples like diamonds.
I dive deep into your salty kiss.
Submerged with a chill, my skin breathes your life.

Photos by Paul Roustan; Model: Kyara Tyler

Asymmetric Magazine: Tell us about your contribution:
Paul Roustan: This series is about the desire to get back in the water…