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Sorayama’s Sexy Robots

On January 16th 2020, Body Paint Artists, Roustan and Nix Herrera crashed the Jeffrey Deitch Gallery to pay homage to their childhood favorite artist, Hajime Sorayama. They showed their respect by body painting two models to mimic his classic Sexy Robots that were on display in the gallery.

Sadie Stikk
Alessia Morelli

Thank you to these brands for their rocking products we used:
European Body Art
Mehron Makeup
Mel Products
Iwata Airbrush
Badger Airbrush

Solomnence by Kai Engel Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
The Long Ascent by Cooper Cannell
A Caring Friend by Bad Snacks
Hideout by Text Me Records / Bobby Renz

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Highlights from the International Make Up Artists Tradeshow in Pasadena, California 2020.

model: Shadia Elise

featuring many many artists:
Nix Herrera, Kevin Keppy, Renee Rose, Sig Aberin, Vlad Taupesh, Fx Creator, Shelby Michael, Niko Gonzalez, Cat Paschen, Marcel Banks, Sidney Cumbie, Thomas Surprenant, Tatiana Neva, Chelsea Brennan, Lian Uritsky, Kristin Lee Conger, Schminky FX, Bill Corso, Howard Berger, Greg Nicotero, Amazing Hiro, Themyjelly, Dyad MUFX, Christopher Osorio

music: Sam the Man by The Mini Vandals

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