Barbie Body Paint

model: Sawyer Croft

music: Pill R/B by Not the King

Own a Barbie that was used in this headline image for the Roustan Body Art Solo show on February 3rd, 2018 in Hermosa Beach, California.

All Barbies were hand painted by Paul Roustan for this image. Each Barbie has unique irregularities due to handling during the photoshoot (note #7 is the odd duck having been heavily handled with hair significantly cut). Each Doll is a vintage doll from the 80s. For safety purposes these embellished Barbies are for display only.

All Barbies come with an Autographed display stand.

All Barbies are sold “as is” at $100 plus $10 US shipping. Contact me about International shipping. It is much more expensive and complicated.

Now is your chance to own a rare tangible piece of original art done by ephemeral body paint artist Paul Roustan.
please email Paul Roustan to acquire yours now.

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