Apocalypse 2012

Okay, so instead of sharing them all individually, I just put them into an album. Help me figure out which one is the best image of the bunch… This is always the tough part.



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17 thoughts on “Apocalypse 2012

  1. Deana Otto

    I like 2, 3, or 5.  Not as sure about 5 with the shadow.  I'd avoid a lot of stuff in the background because it detracts interest from the piece itself.

  2. Justin Hill

    #1 for me all the way. The others look great but the lighting , focus, background and artwork all stand out far more on image 1. The model is also giving a better facial expression. Love the work though. Superb.

  3. Bruce Achterberg

    "Best" depends on context (and also individual preference, but context should be able to account for that to some extent). 

    In other words, where or how you use the image you select.