6 Reasons Female Nudity Can be Powerful
A reporter’s question about Lena Dunham’s nudity pointed to a bigger issue: Naked women can threaten the status quo.

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  1. Paul Roustan

    I agree +Tab Nascent. I wish this article better represented both genders. Although it mentions males briefly, and in a generous light, it fails to mention that full frontal male nudity tends to frighten the world even more.

    One could swap the words'female nudity' with just nudity and the article could be just as effective.

  2. Paul Lagle

    The body truly is a living canvass that inherently brings attraction to it, both positive and negative.  How one "wears it" speaks volumes, in and of itself.

  3. Neil Porter

    This article is full of it.  I re read this article and she tactically put in facts but her main issue is to say its mens fault. 

    Its usually women complaining about female nudity.  In fact its usually women complaining about all nudity.  Women complain about men taking their shirts off at football games so its banned.  Feminists are their own worst enemies. The fact they go out of their way to define what women should be is putting women in a box and subjugating them.  This, nonsense sums it up.

    "In the U.S., there is nothing unique about reporter Tim Molloy’s question about Lena Dunham’s nudity.  Social media company  policies, like many city statutes and public ordinances, mirror mainstream norms that clearly privilege heterosexuality,  conflate women’s bodies with indecency and sex (a bad thing), and insist that those bodies (and sex) be held in reserve, distributed and consumed according to patriarchal rules. These rules, and the puritanical obsessions that drive them, are why we have billion-dollar “ good girls gone wild” industries and an Internet fueled by gonzo porn, both carefully packaged pseudo-transgressions have little to do with women’s autonomy and do nothing to undermine a well-entrenched, misogynistic status quo."

  4. Kitten Holiday

    This is a fascinating article. I will need to read it again. The one thing that strikes me initially is the that with all the arguments of misogyny and power and a desire it never addresses the fact that men are just more visual than women and they are stimulated visually. Implying (not stating because they ignored this just like so many other articles) that the desirable result of "enlightenment and equality" is for women to be able to be seen naked without their nakedness having sexual undertones denies men part of their innate sexuality.

    To me the goal isn't to change our responses and make or sexuality more vanilla and safe. Enlightenment comes when we accept and embrace that we are all highly sexual. Build a culture of respect for all genders and bodies.

    We can't deny or change our nature without creating repression and shame. Transferring the repression and shame to men from women isn't going to work. It's the repression and shame that has to be addressed.

    I will read it again later today though and might react entirely differently!

  5. Matthias Urlichs

    +Kitten Holiday A statement like "Men are more visual than women" ignores (a) the large overlap, just like "Men are taller than women", and (b) this may not be a biological fact but merely social conditioning, just like "men are better in math than women".

    NB: "its grandeur" does not get an apostrophe. (Some people do regard sloppy writing as indicative of sloppy thinking …)

    Anyway, I agree completely with your comment re addressing repression as the core problem.

  6. Paul Lagle

    Maybe where you are, but in the midwest (America)  it's still concentrated within the entertainment/arts.   No one in their day to day walks about buff, or female topless.  Even the swimming parks only allow "acceptable" attire.

  7. Kitten Holiday

    +Paul Lagle e. I was referring to the internet, media and entertainment. Even my son at age 6 has stumbled upon animated lap dances with g strings while playing online. It's pervasive and the volume of it doesn't reduce its allure.

  8. Neil Porter

    I thought it was tested and accepted that men are more visual as a whole, there will be exceptions.
    +Paul Lagle so true. Also, acceptable is determined by region. I lived in Miami where topless women and men in speedos were not a huge deal on the beach. In Maryland women can't even wear bikinis that show too much butt. Men can't go shirtless in a lot of public outdoor events.